Ensuring your business has access to competent Display Screen Equipment (DSE) risk management advice

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At Ergability, we provide a complete range DSE risk management solutions to a variety of businesses. From SME's to large multinationals, DSE risk management is essential for most business sectors. Optimal DSE risk management improves productivity, reduces staff absence, enhances wellbeing and helps contribute to organisational success.

A common issue we see is that organisations lack competently trained and supported internal support to optimise DSE risk management. Quite often an employee might have been assigned the responsibility to manage DSE related risks yet may only be provided with DSE related reference documentation and / or completed unaccredited DSE training several years previously. Furthermore, the designated employee may not have access to adequate ongoing mentoring or support to ensure they are competently managing DSE related risks. It is therefore important to offer a variety of solutions to support DSE risk management within a business. Potential solutions for consideration include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Ensure your designated person/s have attended an accredited DSE workstation assessor training course. The course should ideally be developed and delivered with chartered ergonomist expertise
  • Provide the designated person/s with access to ongoing DSE risk management support. This can be in the form of mentoring, periodic evaluation of assessment reports and / or ability to attend refresher DSE workstation training.
  • Provide the designated person/s with adequate independent training and advice in regards to  procurement and allocation of DSE related equipment.
  • Ensure the person/s responsible have appropriate skill, expertise and time to manage any internal training and self - risk assessment process.
  • Review organisational and safety systems to ensure they support the person/s responsible for DSE risk management. 
  • Consider outsourcing DSE risk management responsibilities to more efficiently management DSE related risk and free up internal staff workload.

Ergability are ideally placed to provide your business with a broad range of DSE risk management solutions to address any identified deficits in this regard. Our solutions range from accredited DSE workstation assessor training to conducting escalated assessments for complex cases and implementation and management of a comprehensive DSE user training and self - risk assessment system. Furthermore, we can provide cost effective ongoing mentoring and support for your designated person/s including advice on equipment selection, reviewing assessment reports and providing ad hoc assistance when required. Importantly, our expertise can also be utilised to review and optimise existing DSE related organisational and safety systems. While DSE related issues are often considered as 'low risk', the broad usage of DSE, and prevalence of DSE related musculoskeletal and mental health related disorders, means that all businesses should ensure they have access to competant DSE risk management support.  

We are more than happy to discuss how we can optimise DSE risk management within your business and please feel free to contact Ergability at info@ergability.com or call +44 (0)333 3554 184 if you would like further advice in this regard.